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TurboKlone Elite 144 Klone Machine w/ Humidity Dome

TurboKlone Elite 144 Klone Machine w/ Humidity Dome

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An award-winning commercial cloning machine!

Our award-winning Elite 913144 cloning system is the largest cloning machine in the industry while averaging the lowest cost-per-site. It is the must-have for propagating clones in your large-scale commercial growing environment.

The Elite 913144 comes with our Patented Fan System which helps in reducing water temperature.

This Elite 144 comes with our recommended vented humidity dome which helps with root growth and development.

Please note, the Elite 913144 TurboKlone unit does NOT come with a black fan. (The black fan in the showcased image is only used for visual clarity.) All Elite 913144 cloning systems come with a grey fan.

Packaging Dimensions - 46" x 21" x 9"
Shipping Weight - 28LBS
Assembled Dimensions - 46" x 21" x 17"
Reservoir Capacity - 11.5GAL
Unit Weight (Full) - 123.91LBS
Manifold Dimensions - 35" x 11" x 3"
Pump - 650GPH
Fan - 4800RPM
Required Electricity - 120V
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