Collection: Netafim Pressure Compensating Drippers

Netafim's Pressure Compensating Drippers offer precision irrigation at an affordable price. The Netafim PCJ dripper, or "Woodpecker Jr." is the world's leading pressure compensating dripper both in quality and number of installations. The advanced PC design of the Netafim emitter gives a uniform and accurate flow rate over a wide range of input pressures. A built-in CNL check valve shuts off flow when pressure drops below a preset value, preventing lines from draining to their lowest point. Finally, the precision-molded flow channel is highly resistant to clogging. Use Netafim PCJ drippers when you need accurately controlled water application. Use the Netafim PCJ dripper in your applications where accurate water placement is critical. This can include greenhouse irrigation, indoor grow operations, vineyards, orchards and many high value crops. Netafim PCJ drippers can be used either stand-alone or together with Netafim Drip Assemblies which direct water exactly where needed.