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HYSHIELD Natural Plant Protectant

HYSHIELD Natural Plant Protectant

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An all-natural product that stimulates your plant’s immune system. Created with an environmentally sustainable approach, HYSHIELD’s active ingredient, Chitosan—a derivative of the naturally occurring compound Chitin—is extracted from recycled crustacean shells that would otherwise be discarded in landfills.

Why should I choose HYSHIELD?

“I’m getting more trichome production this round with the HYSHIELD on this strain. I didn’t use it on my test plant last round, and it’s the only thing different that I have added!”—Grower
HYSHIELD meets all registration requirements for sales and use in Canada (CFIA approved) and in multiple states in the US, and —to ensure full satisfaction and 100% guaranteed results—is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified production facility.  (Highest quality and consistency in every bottle!)

Learn more about the ISO Quality Management System here.

How does HYSHIELD work?

HYSHIELD contains a high molecular weight chitosan which acts as a slow-release capsule, offering long-lasting support for the plant throughout the entire grow cycle. HYSHIELD provides an invisible shield to the root zone and foliage which strengthens with every application.

HYSHIELD tricks the plant into thinking it’s being attacked by bugs and, as a result, the plant goes into protective mode. HYSHIELD™ reduces transpiration, increasing a plant’s resilience to survive in cold stress, high heat, and drought environments.

HYSHIELD boosts the plant’s immune system, which enhances conditions for better plant growth and can help increase your yield.

HYSHIELD pushes your plant to the next level, unlocking its true potential in potency and growth.

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