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HYCLEAN Line & Equipment Cleaner

HYCLEAN Line & Equipment Cleaner

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What is HYCLEAN?

A non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaner that removes and prevents the buildup of salts and minerals in irrigation lines and grow media. When paired with nutrient feed and used from the beginning of your grow cycle, HYCLEAN keeps your system and grow media clean, preventing toxicities or imbalances and resulting in a higher quality finished product. HYCLEAN can be used for regular maintenance and cleaning of your irrigation system, while growing or for a deep clean of your grow system between crops.

For usage specifications, visit our Feed Calculator page.

Download our Safety Data Sheet.

How does HYCLEAN work?

When used during your grow, HYCLEAN prevents buildup of salts, minerals and fertilizers in your irrigation and drip lines.

Maintain your equipment during your grow and in between cycles. HYCLEAN's natural chelating agent keeps your grow system clean, and running more optimally throughout.

HYCLEAN elevates your grow. It removes excess nutrients, salts, and minerals that may cause toxicities or imbalances, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

Why should I choose HYCLEAN?

“It’s great stuff to help keep your lines clean and help with unwanted salt buildup, if you’re running irrigation, definitely something to look into, also a great cleaning agent for cleaning your tables and pots after your grow as well.” -Grower
To ensure full satisfaction and 100% guaranteed results, HYCLEAN is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified production facility. (Highest quality and consistency in every bottle!)

Learn more about the ISO Quality Management System here.


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