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Humboldt County's Own Sonic Bloom W/Vits

Humboldt County's Own Sonic Bloom W/Vits

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Most Concentrated PK Booster on the market!

  • 20 times the vitamin B1 of other popular bloom boosters

  • Increases the size and mass of flowers.

  • Stimulates resinous oil and fragrance production in many flowers and medicinal herbs.

  • NO Dyes!

During the flowering cycle plants require large amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium for maximum development. The primary ingredient in Sonic Bloom, Potassium Phosphate (KH2PO4), is the most concentrated source there is.

Works with all nutrient brands.

Soil and Hydro: Highly concentrated, use just 1 teaspoon per gallons of water! Apply when you first see signs of flower development, usually around the 2nd week of bloom, and continue until a week before harvest.

For best results continue to apply Snow Storm or Purple Maxx and Killer Tea during flush.

Use Sonic Bloom OR Crystal Burst, not both!

Looks like Powdered Sunshine!!! Our ultra-potent PK booster takes it to the next level. 20 times the B1 of other PK boosters plus serious amounts of B2, B3, B6 that are missing from others. Outperforms any powder on the market.
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