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DoubleLux 16x2' HO T5

DoubleLux 16x2' HO T5

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DoubleLux 2' 16 BULB T5 Fluorescent Light Fixture
DoubleLux T5s from DL Wholesale include twice as many High Output (HO) bulbs as traditional T5 fixtures, within the same footprint. Double the bulbs = double the lumen output.

The DoubleLux 2' 16 bulb features a two foot long fixture with 16 HO bulbs: 16x Grow bulbs 6500K@24W(ea.) as well as 4 UL listed ballasts.

DoubleLux T5s run on 120v, include an 8' power cord, and are daisy chain capable. With 16 bulbs there are three operating modes available including:

Switch 1: 8 Bulbs ON = 192 Watts @1.5Amps
Switch 1+2: 12 Bulbs ON = 288 Watts @2.25Amps
Switch 1+2+3: 16 Bulbs ON = 336 Watts @3Amps

Dimensions: 24", x 23", x 3''
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