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10'' F5 In-Line Fan

10'' F5 In-Line Fan

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10'' F5 High output In Line Fan - 1060CFM

The ultra-powerful F5 Fans use advanced mix-flow technology and have a specially engineered aerodynamic design which allows them to achieve an unheard of level of performance and efficiency. These fans maintain high CFM ratings, have powerful internal drive motors, are aerodynamically designed, feature UL recognized components, and an attached 8 ft power cord and mounting brackets.

-Maintains high CFM ratings
-Powerful internal drive motor
-Super aerodynamic design
-UL recognized components
-Lightweight and compact
-Energy Efficient
-Includes attached 8ft power cord and mounting bracket
-Measures 10'' H by 8 3/8" L.

Volt- 120
Amps- 1.5
Watts- 190
CFM- 1060
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