Collection: X Nutrients

There are so many choices when it comes to buying nutrients for your plants. How do you know which to choose? There are organic, synthetic, medium specific, and which additives do you need? Let's start by being honest; all nutrients work. However, not all nutrients are created equal. X Nutrients has created a perfect balance of complete nutrients in a blend of organic and highly available synthetic form to ensure your plant receives everything it needs to perform to it's fullest potential.

Our goal is to help you grow stronger, bigger, healthier, and higher yielding plants while saving you money. Our various products will help you through all growth stages from clones, vegetative, to flowering and fruiting stages. The high grade low salt formulas allow gardeners to use our products in soil, hydroponic, soil less, and coco mediums with excellent results.

X Nutrients are produced with a commitment to excellence. Batch to batch you can rely on the same product consistency. Our customers are our priority; we have not raised our prices in over 5 years to continue to make our nutrients affordable. Your feedback is taken seriously, and we continue to add innovative products at the request of our faithful customers.